Coffee mill service

Natural drying

We offer three ways to dry coffee. (drying in boxes, drying in piles and drying in yard on black plastic) obtaining an optimum point of drying (11% - 13%) of humidity in a period of 6 to 10 days in normal climate.


We process the coffee of our customers guaranteeing the quality of the final product, through of separate production lines for the first class coffee and imperfect coffee.


We have modern machinery to classify coffee by size and weight, extracting the best of the grain according to its physical conditions.
Escogido Manual

Manual selection

We offer to our customers three shifts of manual selection with trained laborers who will select the defective grains, to produce a quality coffee according to their technical specifications.
Escogido Electronico

Electronic selection

We have advanced technology (Sortex - bühler) in the process of electronic selection coffee, to obtain a coffee free of grains of color and a better quality in cup.

Special coffee mill

Special drying

Coffee drying in tunnels.

Special drying

Coffee drying in tunnels.

Special drying

Coffee drying in tunnels.

Roasting factory

Planta de tostado

Roasted and ground

We have a production plant specialized in the process of roasting and grinding coffee, highly qualified personnel with more than 15 years of experience in the coffee industry, which ensures a product processed under quality standards.

The level of roasted is achieved by the consistency of the blends and classification of the raw materials used in the process at different levels.

Maquina Empacadora


Committed to the preservation and care of the quality of the product, is selected the better packaging to ensure the safety and life of the product.