ISO 9001

It is a certification that consists in the continuously improve of the company's processes through the quality management system. Its main objective is customer satisfaction and the capacity of provide products and services that meet the internal and external demands of the organization.

C.A.F.E Practices Starbuck

(Coffee and Farmer Equity). Its purpose is for Starbuck to purchase coffee produced and processed in a responsible manner through the evaluation of economic, social and environmental indicators.


UTZ Certified is responsible for the creation of an open and transparent market for agricultural products. In just five years, UTZ Certified has created so much, that it is one of the largest coffee certification programs in the world.
Their vision is sustainable agricultural supply chains that meet the growth needs and expectations of farmers, the food industry and consumers alike.

EU Certification

The certification of organic products allows the certified product to move freely throughout the European market (European Single Market). It indicates to the customers that the product complies with the requirements indicated for the minimum standards of organic security and is in compliance with European regulations.


The NOP - USDA program is the National Organic Program of the United States that standardizes organic production, details what must be certified related to plant, animal or processing products to be sold as organic in the United States.