We offer coffee mill service, transforming parchment coffee into green coffee, under quality standards.

Special Special
Roast Roast


Roasted and ground of coffee with controlled temperatures, to get a medium roasted level , light or dark.

Exports Exports


We export coffee with high quality to countries of America, Europe and Asia.

Our initiatives


Special collections

We produce new brands of specialty coffee, each with its own particularity and history, which are available in our menu of products.


Fincas Coffee collection

It is an initiative that promotes farms with greater potential in quality production, giving advice so that they can enter the world of special coffee and microlots, allowing coffee to be exported with the identity of the farm.

From producer to consumer

The path of coffee has different stories, for this reason we consider it important that consumers know the efforts of the producers and what it takes to give them a cup of coffee to their liking.


The experimentation of new treatments in the handling and processing of coffee, together with the selection of the best beans, have allowed us to carry out special coffee processes of excellent taste, which has placed us among the best coffees in Nicaragua.


Thanks to the integration of new technologies, we have managed to optimize our processes, guaranteeing access to our clients' information from their mobile devices and personal computers when they need it.

Quality policy

We are committed to our clients in providing an efficient service, ensuring a quality product and continuous improvement of our processes.

Customers feedback

Jen Breeden

Java Jen's Coffee Roasters LLC

"Sajonia Estate has great tasting coffee! It is very high quality, very clean and provides a consistent roast. Our customers love sajonia Estate Coffee! It is helping to make Java Jen's Coffee Roasters LLC have very happy customers! Thank you!"