SHG EP Exportable

Strictly High Grown, is a coffee cultivated in the north area of Nicaragua in Matagalpa and Jinotega mountains.

Mark Color Humidity
SHG Green-Blue 12%


The name comes from the place of discovery (Maragogipe, in Bahía, Brasil). Is a variety defined by grains big, it is considered one of the most appreciated in the world for its sweet and perfumed taste.

Variety Color Humidity
Maragogype Blue mate 12%
Stock Lot

STOCK LOT Imperfect

It is classified as below standard coffee or class 4, it's mean that the features are not covered by specifications of the first class coffee due to its physical appearance, defect in cup or precedence of old crop.

Mark Color Humidity
Stocklot Green-blue 12%
Grand Café

Grand Café Especial

Grand café, is a careful selection of the best grains of the farms located in the north of Nicaragua mountains. The goodness of the climate, soil and high of the coffee plantations, provide the necessary conditions to obtain an eco-friendly coffee of the first quality.

Mark Roasted Presentation
Grand Café Medium 1 Kg
Café Gallo

Café Gallo Popular

Café Gallo, created with a blend between imperfect coffee and panela its combination produce an unique flavor typical from this preparation, with the feature of be coffee a fruitful, fresh and economic Café Gallo is a product destined to popular population consumers.

Mark Package Presentation
Café Gallo Satin bag 25g y 113g